Engineered & Manufactured in India
All our Valves and Actuators are ground up engineered and manufactured in India with upmost quality and precautions. Also 100% approved by all the Major Approval Standards and company.

Cair Euromatic automation Pvt. Ltd. brings resilient seated gate valve the best controlling experience for any industry utilizing water, Neutral liquid or sewage. Our products are consumed by various water supply and sewage boards, Jal Nigam and other PHED Authorities across the Nation.

Before the resilient seated gate valve was introduced to the market, gate valves with a metal seated wedge were widely used. The conical wedge design and angular sealing devices of a metal seated wedge require a depression in the valve bottom to ensure a tight closure. Herewith, sand and pebbles are embedded in the bore. The pipe system will never be completely free from impurities regardless of how thoroughly the pipe is flushed upon installation or repair. Thus any metal wedge will eventually lose its ability to be drop-tight. 

A resilient seated gate valve has a plain valve bottom allowing free passage for sand and pebbles in the valve. If impurities pass as the valve closes, the rubber surface will close around the impurities while the valve is closed. A high-quality rubber compound absorbs the impurities as the valve closes, and the impurities will be flushed away when the valve is opened again. The rubber surface will regain its original shape securing a drop-tight sealing. 

A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve. Gate valves require very little space along the pipe axis and hardly restrict the flow of fluid when the gate is fully opened. Gate valves are widely used for all types of applications and are suitable for both above-ground and underground installation.  

Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service. They are installed in pipelines as isolating valves, and should not be used as control or regulating valves. Operation of a gate valve is performed doing an either clockwise to close (CTC) or clockwise to open (CTO) rotating motion of the stem. When operating the valve stem, the gate moves up- or downwards on the threaded part of the stem.

Resilient seat gate valves are gate valves with an elastomer lined wedge. Resilient Seated Gate Valve are approximately 50% less weight than conventional cast iron valves .  Most durable due to inherently corrosion-resistant and encapsulated EPDM ductile iron wedge


Cair’s Resilient Seated Gate Valves are approved by TUV NORD and got ISO 9001:2008 and CE Certification. Cair Euromatic Automation is CMRI certified company and all our products including Resilient Gate Valves, Actuators, Motorized Valve etc. are IEC Certified


Cair euromatic porvides three diffrent types of reslient seated gate valves suited for diffrent opreations and Industry. More type of butterfly valve, air valves etc are also available